Primary school pack

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The educational primary school pack is available free of charge and upon request, in hard copy, for the teachers of the 55,000 primary schools of Mainland and Overseas France. Developed in cooperation with the French Ministry of National Education and in partnership with Unicef, its educational content focuses on WATER.

The primary school pack includes 10 data sheets on major challenges ahead: rising sea levels due to climate change, how the lack of fresh water on land can prevent people from getting an education, and pollution that flows from water courses into the sea. The pack’s educational objectives are full of scientific information and first-hand accounts from children around the world. This educational pack also inspires by presenting positive initiatives and astounding stories which reveal the amazing resources of our planet.

The teacher's book, offered in addition to the educational cards, includes instructions allowing teachers to make full use of the primary school pack as part of the curriculum of the French education system, and translate their knowledge into action by taking part in the participatory challenge for primary schools. Activities and experiences specifically addressing the water saving issue will also be proposed. An ideal way to discover how much water we use on a daily basis, as well as to learn how to calculate water consumption while having fun. In the classroom or at home, every child can learn how to save this valuable resource and adopt practical and simple habits.


UNICEF, responsible for safeguarding children's rights throughout the world, is guided in France by a framework agreement with the ministry of National Education to help teachers and education stakeholders raise awareness of children's rights and promote citizenship and solidarity in young people.