Eco Geste


The Tahia

The Tahia

Architecture: Gilles Vaton

Shipyard: Gamelin (La Rochelle)

Length: 26 m

Width: 5.40 m

Draught: 4.60 m

Starting weight: 30 t

Ballast in the keel: 13 t

Mast: 31 m

Mainsail: 180 m2

Genoa:180 m2

Jib: 85 m2

Staysail: 30 m2

Light wind spinnaker: 450 m2

Heavy weather spinnaker: 350 m2

Ballast: 3.5 t

Watertight bulkheads: 4

Keel fin: 2.5 t + 0.3 t of diesel

The Foundation sends its Little Adventurers sailing on the famous Tahia. This immense monohull is the former L’Oréal Paris, on which Maud sailed round the world against prevailing currents in five months (2006-2007), setting off from and returning to the island of Réunion.

31 m high

The 31-metre high carbon mast symbolises the values of the Foundation. During her last trip round the world, Maud had to face a terrible dismasting, which she overcame after days of relentless work. Never give up, is the message.

The cabin

Each part of Tahia has been created with children in mind. After the round-the-world tour, the boat was refitted for the Foundation. The cabin is a cocoon, a warm living space where Maud shares her experiences and explains the ways of the sea to her crew in short trousers.

" tahia "

Tahia is the Marquesan name children chose for the boat – it means ‘princess who dances on the waves’ and refers to Maud’s personal history. The Polynesian people gave her this nickname when she finished rowing across the Pacific in 2005. Tahia evokes both a dream and the possibility of achieving it, as well the link between land and sea, threatened by rising water levels and global warming.

A solid boat

Tahia is an aluminium monohull 26 metres long and weighing over 30 metric tons – providing safe sailing conditions and perfectly suited to having children aboard. Tahia is respected throughout the seafaring world, having proving herself over thousands of nautical miles in all the planet’s seas. She is a fine symbol of the perseverance and tenacity shown by the Foundation in preserving the oceans and coastlines.