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Educational programmes across the globe

Education programmes accross the globe

The Foundation, in partnership with ACH, funds the ‘Les terreaux de l’espoir’ (Grounds for Hope) orphanage in Antsirabe, in the east of Madagascar.

North America

Maud is patron of One Drop France, the French branch of the Canadian foundation created by Guy Laliberté. The Foundation works with One Drop’s teams on water topics.

One Drop’s goal is to fight poverty through providing access to drinkable water, and through raising awareness of the need for action to provide enough good-quality water to all, now and in the future.

The Foundation’s educational packs are available on the ePals site: Present in over 200 countries, ePals offers schools and teachers an online community platform allowing secure collaboration and access to numerous educational resources.

The Foundation has also worked with The Green Connection in the US. This programme allows American high-schoolers to participate each year in an educational and scientific visit to France. The theme is environmental protection, and at the end of a national competition on the subject, candidates present a local or personal project. Nine regional juries (Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Miami, New York, New Orleans, San Francisco, Washington) each select the best presentations in their area.

Education programmes accross the globe